• Features/Plan

    Non-Refundable Setup Fee
  • Prepaid Recharge
  • DTH Recharge
  • DataCard Recharge
  • Postpaid Mobile
  • Landline
  • Instant Insurance
  • Instant Electricity
  • Scheduled Insurance
  • Scheduled Electricity
  • Bus Ticket Booking
  • Bulk SMS Service
  • Access Android App
  • Access Mobile Website
  • Mobile Alerts
  • E-Mail Alerts
  • API Access
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Report Export
  • Fund Transfer
  • Manage Multiple Shop
  • Automatic Payment Update
  • Minimum Upload Payment
  • Margin
  • Payment Processing Time


* Non-Refundable Setup Fee is one time account activation charge and this charge includes first year account maintainace charge for users/resellers.
* You must have to renewal your account for every year, the renewal apply for all users/resellers
* Incase you didn't renewal your account, then Your account (users/resellers) details will be removed from our server without any notification or prior notice after 10 days. (10 days     calculated from your account expire date)
* Processing charge 0.20% will be applied for every transactions (Only for Recharges/Create User or Reseller) made by you.
* Billing Team Available Mon To Fri : 9.30 AM To 3.00 PM Sat : 9.30 AM To 12.00 PM

Payment Options